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UK study finds increased accident risk on Fridays

On Behalf of | Aug 11, 2017 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

While the following story doesn’t involve Pennsylvania, or even the United States, it still warrants some discussion on a personal injury blog. Our story today comes from the United Kingdom, where an insurance company performed an analysis of more than 700,000 car accidents in the UK. What they found is that the average driver in the United Kingdom is 14 percent more likely to get into a car accident on Friday than on any other day.

Now, driving laws are different in the UK. Vehicles are different. These could all contribute to a wide disparity in the way accidents occur there than the way they do here in the US. But in general, this seems plausible for the US too.

Consider that on Friday, many people are excited for the weekend and are more likely to be “carefree” while driving home from work or going away for the weekend. Vacations also contribute to more people being out on the road, and many vacations start on, yes, Fridays. And of course there is the most obvious factor: alcohol. With the weekend comes a rise in the consumption of alcohol, and thus more people are out on the road with blood alcohol levels that are greater than they should be.

This is just another reminder to be safe out on the roads — but especially on Friday and during the weekend. If an accident happens and you are involved, consult with an attorney if you are considering legal action.

Source: Belfast Telegraph, “Car crashes most common on Fridays, study finds,” Aug. 11, 2017


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