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Contractor brings dog to job site, attack occurs

On Behalf of | Oct 6, 2017 | Dog Bites |

Today, we want to talk about a relatively minor dog bite incident that exemplifies some of the inappropriate thinking that many dog owners can succumb to. The incident did not occur here in Pennsylvania, but instead in Massachusetts. A contractor that owns a pit bull mix brought his dog to a job site. He did not have the dog on a leash and he thought that his dog would be okay at the job site.

However, another dog walked by at the moment he drove up to the site and let his dog out. His pit bull mix chased down the smaller dog and attacked it, causing some minor injuries to the other dog. The pit bull mix’s owner and the owner of the other dog suffered puncture wounds on their hands as they intervened and pulled the two dogs apart.

Here we see the perfect example of a dog owner that believes his or her dog is “obedient and it would never hurt anyone.” Except that this sentiment isn’t always true, and the owner is blinded by his or her bias towards their pet. Animals are animals — they still have instincts that could lead to them lashing out against innocent strangers, or even their owner.

Victims of dog bites should consider legal representation, because they could have a legitimate personal injury case to make. Dog bites may lead to a victim requiring extensive medical treatment, including rabies prevention treatment.

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