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Woman’s career impacted by slip and fall

On Behalf of | Mar 19, 2018 | Slip-and-fall Accidents |

A woman who shattered her ankle after slipping on ice while she traveled for work has been awarded $4.9 million in damages as a result of the incident. The case dates back to 2010, when the woman stayed at a hotel owned by Marriott International Inc. and she traveled to the Quad Cities to help a client. The woman works as a software consultant.

While she stayed at the hotel, she walked outside before 8 a.m. one day and she slipped and fell on some ice outside the hotel. The broken ankle that she suffered was so bad that she needed multiple surgeries to correct the issue, and the woman began suffering arthritis in the ankle. The issues with her ankle were so severe that she eventually had to take a pay cut and reduce her job title because she was unable to travel and move around as well as before the injury. 

This appears to be a central reason why the woman was awarded $4.9 million, and despite an appeal by the hotel, a jury still saw that the woman needlessly suffered as a result of Marriott’s inability to maintain a safe premises.

These stories are, unfortunately, far too common. Many businesses and establishments fail to keep their premises in a safe condition, especially during snowy, icy, wet months like in the winter. When their irresponsible ways cost you your health — or worse — then legal action should be taken to hold them accountable.

Source: Quad-City Times, “Follow-up File: Slip-and-fall verdict awards Texas woman $4.9 million,” Tara Becker, March 11, 2018


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