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What do Pittsburgh accident statistics reveal?

On Behalf of | Sep 30, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Pittsburgh remains a busy city as scores of commuters take to streets and highways every day. A review of Pennsylvania accidents statistics might lead to concerns about safety. Accidents happen everywhere, and Pittsburgh is not immune to crashes, including fatal ones. Worried motorists could examine the statistics to gain insights on how to drive safer in the Steel City.

Accident stats in the Pittsburgh region

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation provides details about car collisions to those interested in reviewing the information online. The years range from 1985 to 2020, and the facts presented reveal the number of accidents occurring each year and who the incidents involve, such as pedestrians, motorcyclists, bicyclists, and others.

Pittsburgh is part of Allegheny County, which saw 134 fatalities in 1985. In 2020, Allegheny saw 57 fatal accidents, a notable decrease. However, the overall number of 2020 crashes resulting in injuries was 3,782, a high number. That is a much lower number than Philadelphia’s injury figures, as the City of Brotherly Love experienced 6,202 injurious car accidents. Philadelphia has a larger population than Pittsburgh, which factors into the numbers.

Concerns about vehicle accidents

The 2020 crash facts and statistics provide detailed information about recent crashes. The PennDOT presents information about school bus crashes, intoxicated driving incidents, weather and road surface conditions, mishaps involving driver errors, and more. Those interested in a comprehensive picture of car accidents in Pittsburgh and the rest of the Keystone State might find the information helpful.

Examining accident statistics could help those interested in reducing their chances of becoming involved in a crash. Perhaps not traveling during certain times of the day or when weather conditions turn harsh proves advisable. Preventing accidents may be far better than dealing with the aftermath.


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