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What happens after a slip-and-fall accident?

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2022 | Slip-and-fall Accidents |

Avoiding slips and falls isn’t always easy since there are several ways someone could stumble. What aggravates many injury victims is the realization someone else’s negligence led to the fall. For example, when a grocery store doesn’t clean up spilled food, someone might lose their footing, falls, and suffer a broken bone. In such instances, the matter may move to a Pennsylvania civil court.

Accidents and injuries on private property

When someone falls on private property, specific legal options might become available. Namely, the accident victim could file a personal injury lawsuit or seek an insurance claim. Sometimes, the victim might do both. Of course, the person must suffer some loss or harm. If the person slips and injures their back and finds a valuable timepiece sustained damage, the individual may have a claim provided the property owner or renter was negligent.

Anyone who slips and falls due to their own fault would not likely have a claim. However, when the person trips because of strewn leaves or garbage, a cracked sidewalk, a broken hand railing, or when attempting to flee an unleashed vicious dog, the victim could press a liability claim.

Concerning issues about slip-and-fall litigation

Several elements might come into consideration when planning a lawsuit over slip-and-fall accidents. Questions about whether the person was lawfully allowed on the property might arise, and trespassers could find themselves unable to sue in many situations.

Business owners may need to be additionally diligent to avoid a lawsuit. Since businesses might deal with numerous customers and related foot traffic, the owners and managers could face requirements to act more quickly and thoroughly to address a hazard. Of course, each case is different and subject to review.


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