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Are uninsured drivers a risk for others in Pennsylvania?

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Most drivers in Pennsylvania accept that there is a degree of risk inherent in motor vehicle travel. They may make certain personal decisions with the goal of limiting their chances of experiencing a major collision. For example, people often look at safety ratings for vehicles when deciding what to purchase. They may plan where and when they drive based on crash rates and other safety factors. Unfortunately, nothing a driver does eliminates the possibility that they could get into a crash caused by someone else.

The law in Pennsylvania protects those affected by collisions caused by another party. Those responsible for collisions typically have legal and financial liability for the crashes they cause. Most drivers offset that risk with liability insurance. Yet, many Pennsylvania drivers have to worry about the costs inspired by a crash caused by someone without proper insurance.

Uninsured drivers are everywhere

Many people feel like the rules don’t apply to them. They think that they can get away with breaking the law when it is inconvenient for them to comply with it. These individuals often pass the risk for their behavior on to others, possibly without even consciously realizing what they have done.

That is typically the case with uninsured drivers. People who fail to pay for their insurance coverage or who intentionally cancel their policies put others at risk of financial hardship. Thankfully, the percentage of drivers engaging in selfish conduct might be a bit lower in Pennsylvania than elsewhere. Pennsylvania is actually one of the best states in the country when looking at uninsured drivers.

Only about 6% of Pennsylvania motorists drove without proper insurance in 2019 according to an analysis of insurance claims that year. Pennsylvania has the sixth-lowest rate of uninsured motorists in the country. However, people still have a slightly better than one in 20 chance of the driver who causes their crash not having proper coverage.

Going to court may be necessary

The failure to carry insurance does not absolve someone of their obligations to those affected by a collision. They simply lack the financial protection that comes from having liability insurance coverage. The parties injured in the collision or those who lose loved ones could file a lawsuit against the person responsible for causing the wreck. Personal injury or wrongful death lawsuits can provide compensation for those affected by crashes where there is not adequate liability coverage. Lawsuits are also an option when a driver has insurance but not enough given the scope of the damages caused by a collision.

Knowing one’s options before a crash occurs may make it easier for someone to pursue compensation after getting hurt in a wreck.


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