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How old is too old to drive safely?

Getting a driver's license is a big milestone in a person's life. People often equate these new drivers with being rather unsafe because of a lack of experience. Those same people might think that people who are elderly shouldn't be driving because they're unsafe. It's easy to assume that once people reach a certain age, they shouldn't be behind the wheel of a vehicle. The fact is that a person's age doesn't really have an impact on their ability to drive.

Know these causes of semitruck wrecks

Semitruck crashes are often serious for the victims. They can lead to catastrophic injuries that are costly financially, physically and emotionally. For these victims, moving forward with life can be challenging. Not only do they have to cope with all the effects of the wreck, they also need to keep up with daily life.

How do you handle aggressive drivers?

There's something about getting behind the wheel of a car or truck that turns some people into monsters. Their antics can involve tailgating other drivers, rushing red lights, swerving around any vehicle they perceive as "too slow" and angrily swearing and gesturing at other motorists or honking their horns.

Crashes are common: Get help when you need it

Car crashes are something you always hear about, but if you've never been involved in one, you may think that it will never happen to you or someone you love. At the moment you find yourself facing a crash, you may realize that there is no way to avoid it or make emergency maneuvers to try to avoid getting hit directly. However, the reality is still the same: There is a risk of serious injuries or death.

Dental injuries and car accidents: What to know

Car accidents are simply an unavoidable hazard of modern life. There will be approximately 6 million car accidents this coming year. In those accidents, roughly 3 million people will be injured -- 2 million of them permanently. While many people associate broken bones and head injuries with car accidents, dental trauma is something that few people consider.

58-vehicle wreck in Pennsylvania shuts down Interstate 80

On Dec. 18, a large section of Interstate 80 in Union County was shut down after a deadly crash involving numerous vehicles, including many big-box trucks and FedEx delivery vans. Initially, it was reported that 30 vehicles were involved. However, there were actually 58 cars and trucks impacted by the crash.

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