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October 2017 Archives

6 people injured after two vehicles collide in Pittsburgh

Two vehicles were involved in a brutal accident in Pittsburgh recently, leaving all six people involved with injuries. The crash is still under investigation and no one is quite sure how the accident started at this juncture, but what we do know is that the collision was forceful enough to tip one of the vehicles on its side and rip the roof off of the car.

Let's talk about product liability

It would be great if we could all trust companies to do their due diligence and always produce perfectly safe, flawless products. However, that is not the world we live in. We live in an imperfect world where mistakes happen, and sometimes the companies we trust make products that hurt us. Finding out what went wrong, and why the product was defective, is a central part of a product liability lawsuit.

The fatality rate in accidents is going up

A couple of months ago, we wrote a post about 2016 accident data for the state of Pennsylvania. In that post, we talked about how there were more motor vehicle accidents despite those accidents resulting in fewer deaths. This is a tremendous sign -- but it is not one that is shared nationally, as a new report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration showed.

Water leak on rubber soccer field leads to broken ankle

While the circumstances for every slip and fall case are different, the source for our blog post today does have a unique setting. A man who was 38 years old in 2013 was playing indoor soccer on a rubberized floor at a gym when he slipped and fell on a puddle caused by a leak from the ceiling. The fall broke his ankle in several places, and the man needed three surgeries to correct the issue.

Contractor brings dog to job site, attack occurs

Today, we want to talk about a relatively minor dog bite incident that exemplifies some of the inappropriate thinking that many dog owners can succumb to. The incident did not occur here in Pennsylvania, but instead in Massachusetts. A contractor that owns a pit bull mix brought his dog to a job site. He did not have the dog on a leash and he thought that his dog would be okay at the job site.

Head and brain injuries commonly result from slip-and-falls

It can be easy to brush off a slip-and-fall accident when it happens. You may feel embarrassed, particularly if it happened at a business where others are present. If everyone in the frozen foods section is staring at you, it's natural to want to get away from the area as soon as possible. Doing so could end up being a big mistake.

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